GovHack 2015 – July 3-5

We’ve kicked off planning for GovHack 2015 so check it out and join the mailing list to to get ongoing updates for 2015 and early registration in May.

GovHack 2014 background

The 2014 GovHack Report is now up! You can also check out the 2014 Winners pageall the project videos or browse the projects by prize category.

Subscribe to GovHack 2014 announcements, or to get involved in the broader open knowledge community, we suggest you join the OKFN au community mailing list, where future GovHack news will be announced. You can also follow along with all the action at #govhack on Twitter.

Transcript available here

Preparing for GovHack

1. Data and Preparation

Make sure you keep an eye on the official GovHack 2014 data page as it is being updated daily with national and local competition datasets to play with. The competition goals won’t be announced till July 11th at the GovHack launch (7:30pm Canberra time) but you can start familiarising yourself with datasets in the meantime. Check out the Developer Kit page for some ideas on great tools and tech you can use on the day, and the howto page will also be updated closer to the weekend with information on how you can access various virtual/cloud machine options on the weekend, as well as detailed instructions for how to use the HackerSpace to register yourself, your team and your hack(s). Remember, your projects will be judged on the project page you make, the 3 minute video you submit and the source (code/schema/design) you provide so be prepared and leave yourself enough time on the weekend to fill out the project page and to make a short video that best shows off your project.

2. The Competition

The competition includes both a national and local component. Everyone can compete in the national competition and then each location also has a local competition that people in that location can compete for. So you’ll have a lot of interesting options available to you wherever you are. Please familiarise yourself with the competition rules, eligibility criteria and judging criteria on the website ahead of the weekend. Full competition details will be published on the 2014 Prizes page at 7:30pm 11 July Canberra time.

3. Mentors

You will be able to get support from mentors about particular datasets and technologies through the HackerSpace forum, on Twitter or by emailing them. You can simply check the list of mentors on the Mentors page, identify whom you want to talk to and contact them accordingly. This list will be fully up to date by the 11th July.

4. Remote Participants

If you are unable to join a physical event, you can compete remotely by registering as a remote participant of whatever event is physically closest to you. You’ll have access to all the same information, data and you can talk to mentors remotely through the HackerSpace.

3. Timing

The GovHack competition will run from Friday 7:30pm 11 July til Sunday 5:30pm 13 July with some announcements beforehand and afterwards. The specific competition details will be put online at 7:30pm and will also be available on the HackerSpace where you will register your self, team and your hack. Several of the locations are running great introduction and preparation sessions before the competition kicks off so make sure you check out your local event page for more information. Your awesome and volunteer local organisers will look after you and have put a lot of effort into making sure you have everything you need for a great weekend. Make sure you say thanks! :)

There will be a couple of prizes and announcements at the end of the GovHack weekend, including the Local Spirit of GovHack prize, which is all about which team shows the best ethos, collaboration and sense of civic duty :)

4. The Red Carpet Awards

All other prizes will be announced at the Red Carpet Awards in Brisbane on the 10th August giving 4 weeks for people to vote. 3 lucky finalists (so choose your team representative well!) will be flown from each location to the Awards which will be publicly live streamed from 7:00pm – 8:30pm Brisbane time but there will inevitably be a number of winners not present, so make sure you tune in to the awards to see if your team has won. Winners will be notified by email and published on the <link>Winners page on the night of the Red Carpet Awards. Most local events will have a small evening event to watch the awards and announce their local competition winners. Again, please refer to your local event page as one or two local awards night are on a different night but you can tune into the national awards from the GovHack front page, where the youtube live stream will be embedded on the night.

We have a special guest MCing the Awards whom many of you know and we hear he will be visiting all the local awards nights too. Must be a quantum thing…

5. Local event details

Finally, obviously check out your local event page for details on venue, parking, and make sure you find out from your local event coordinators about what is happening in your city regarding the national and local Awards.

6. Sponsors and Supporters

Finally, just a quick thank you to all national, local and Red Carpet Awards sponsors! You can see national sponsors on the front page and local sponsors are on each local event page.

Sydney + Canberra + Adelaide + Tasmania + Perth + Melbourne + Brisbane + Gold Coast + Mt Gambier + Cairns + Ballarat

What is GovHack and what can you expect?

Who should come along?
What's in it for me?

Sound good? Yea we think so too.

Capturing the conversation

This event is all about sharing and networking so expect to be photographed, recorded, and videoed. If you don’t wish to have your photo taken or be recorded – let the person holding the camera or one of the events volunteers know.

The conversation will also be happening online so remember to share your thoughts and experience via a blog post, Twitter (#govhack), Flickr (tagged govhack), IRC (#govhack on freenode) or the HackerSpace forum (details on the devhowto page)!


Our ongoing thanks to everyone who gets involved and makes GovHack awesome! That is, the hackers, data providers, sponsors, mentors and the national and local event organisers. GovHack is a volunteer run, non-profit project to showcase the clever technical community in Australia, to encourage governments to open up more data, and to get real collaboration going between government, industry and community, because that is how we get the best outcomes for society :)

Past GovHacks

Check out the reports from GovHack 2013 and GovHack 2012 for more about the competition and awesome community efforts. GovHack was originally an Australian initiative by Web Directions. They ran the first GovHack in 2009 which was funded by the Gov 2.0 Taskforce as part of their MashUp Australia initiative.

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Sponsors for GovHack 2015 yet to be announced. If you'd like to sponsor GovHack 2015 please email us.

GovHack Tweets

Who’s behind GovHack?

This is a non-profit event proudly run by volunteers, and put together with support from the Australian Gov 2.0 community (#gov2au).

Sponsoring GovHack 2014

The call for 2014 sponsors is now closed. If you are interested in sponsoring next year, please contact: Pia Waugh (0400 966 453) or Sharen Scott (0417 068 875)

The GovHack Volunteers

Click through to find us on Twitter and Google+ Pia WaughGeoff Mason (G+), Gavin Tapp, Alex Sadleir, Clare Paine, Sharen Scott, Steven De Costa, Diana Ferry and Steph Mellor. A huge thank you to Richard Tubb, Jan Bryson, Tren Christiansen and to Ana and Michael from the NICTA eGov and Technology Cluster for their huge support too!
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