GovHack will be running simultaneously in many locations across Australia, with people across all sites competing for national and local prizes.

The list of official GovHack 2014 sites will be added to the website by the end of March 2014, but you can expect to see events in Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Hobart again! We will likely see a few unofficial events copping up in 2014 and we will make it easy for unofficial events to register themselves on the site in April, though we can only provide full support to the official sites as there is limited volunteer bandwidth and sponsorship available.

Please check out the venue information for each site including transport, accommodation and other useful info.

GovHack in your city…

GovHack is a national event. There are official venues but there is nothing holding you back from volunteering for an event in your town, setting up your own unofficial event to compete in the national competition, and getting involved with others in your own city or town. To signup as a venue coordinator please register some preliminary details and we’ll get back to you.

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Who’s behind GovHack?

This is a non-profit event proudly run by volunteers, and put together with support from the Australian Gov 2.0 community (#gov2au).

Sponsoring GovHack 2014

A call for 2014 sponsors is now open. If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please contact: Pia Waugh (0400 966 453) or Sharen Scott (0417 068 875)

The GovHack Volunteers

Click through to find us on Twitter and Google+ Pia WaughGeoff Mason (G+), Gavin Tapp, Alex Sadleir, Clare Paine, Sharen Scott, Steven De Costa, Diana Ferry and Steph Mellor. A huge thank you to Richard Tubb, Jan Bryson, and to Ana and Michael from the NICTA eGov and Technology Cluster for their huge support too!
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