The Story So Far

The GovHack Story

GovHack was originally an Australian initiative by Web Directions. They ran the first GovHack in 2009 which was funded by the Gov 2.0 Taskforce as part of their MashUp Australia initiative.

GovHack has grown from a small event in 2009, to a volunteer run and community driven annual event. It grew from a 2 city event in 2012,  an 8 city event in 2013 and a national 11 city event with over 1300 participants and observers in 2014. With 2016 culminating across 40 locations and over 3000 competitors and observers in two nations.

In 2017 we aim to be bigger and better with more new data, more events, and more competitors.

Why we believe in GovHack

GovHack is a two-day event held simultaneously around Australia to create working prototypes with government data, and to help find new ways to solve the challenges facing government and contributes towards social and economic development. GovHack includes a number of locations around Australia with participation from federal, state and local governments.

GovHack each year shows the nation and the world that our civic hacker community is strong, rapidly growing and able to tackle tricky data problems in clever ways.

Governments collect and publish enormous amounts of data, but have limited resources to get it into the hands of their citizens in engaging ways. GovHack is an event to draw together people from government, industry, academia and of course, the general public to mashup, reuse, and remix government data. GovHack is about finding new ways to do great things and encouraging open government and open data.

GovHack focuses on building a better democracy through innovation, participation, and the development of a strong community of civic hackers. In 2017, we are going to work harder than ever to ensure the event promotes openness and collaboration between government and the community.

Who are we?

This is a non-profit event proudly run by a team of passionate volunteers that collaborate from all corners of Australia and New Zealand to form the GovHack Coordination Team.  The team pulls together everything needed to run GovHack each year, coordinate the competition across all the location and put on a pretty cool Red Carpets Awards Night to celebrate the new concepts and winning teams.

At each Official Location and Node event you will also find a swag of dedicated volunteers who are running amazing local events that truly make GovHack an awesome experience for everyone that participates.