GovHack 2015 CanberraGovHack 2018 happened on the weekend of Friday 6th September — Sunday 8th September, 2018.

Are you here to find out more about the GovHack competition? This is the right place!

Our event is held over a 46-hour period, starting on Friday night at 7pm. Participants of GovHack will attend one of our Official or Node venues which occur across Australia. Stay tuned for more information!


General Info

Form your own team and hustle to produce the greatest open data creation! GovHack is for everyone from artists and storytellers through to developers and entrepreneurs.

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Competition Rules and Code of Conduct

All participants of GovHack (GovHack Officials, Judges, Mentors, Coaches, Competitors) and their associated guests (family & friends), and any service providers or visitors (Sponsors Representatives, Media, Emergency Services, Providers, IT support, Entertainers, Members of Parliament, Ministers & their Staff, etc) are expected to uphold the national & state laws of the event they are attending … Continue reading Competition Rules and Code of Conduct

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Our National and State Sponsors

Our sponsors at National and State levels are vital to GovHack’s success. GovHack is non-profit. Only with their help and contributions can we organise prizes, catering, and the Red Carpet Awards.

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Participant Handbook

Every competing team must adhere to our rules in order to be eligible for GovHack prizes. Our rules are based around fair play and having a great experience, as well as the spirit of using open data.

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Types of events

Expect slightly different things at the different types of events. Watch out for themes you may be particularly interested in hacking on!

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Over the years we’ve gathered some tips on how to have a good hackathon. Read on to find out more about tickets, what to bring, timelines, tips, and free food!

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Connections Events

Connections events are a chance to meet the event hosts and mentors, before the event weekend. Get your tickets now!

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