General Info

We open data!

GovHack is an annual ‘hackathon’ competition where participants create things using open data.


Teams (which you will form yourselves) work together over 46 hours to explore, mash up, ideate and communicate your concepts. It’s a competition, and there are prizes, but GovHack is a friendly creative environment.

The best teams have a mix of skills to help contribute to all the competition elements including skills to story boarding ideas, build prototypes and create a video pitch of your winning idea!

Team sizes are limited to a maximum of 10.  In general we have seen that a team of 3-5 people works well.

Who can come?

GovHack is for everyone! All sorts of people join GovHack, including entrepreneurs, developers, data analysts, engineers, designers, digital media creators, artists, film makers, story tellers, academics, researchers, youth and civic enthusiasts!

What can I create?

Previous years entries have included, art, jewellery, a digital sign, a board game,  historic film pieces, a virtual reality game,  a 3D model, a visualisation of data, an informed article and of course some amazing web apps! We only limit you to your imagination.

Who supports GovHack?

The events provide an opportunity for Government Agencies and Industry to support our innovative communities through sponsorship and the release of new open Government data.  It creates a supportive environment for the public sector to collaborate with entrepreneurs for great outcomes. Please take a moment to check out our sponsors and supporters.

This is a competition? What am I competing for?

Thanks to our sponsors, we have prize categories that might award cash prizes, special opportunities and more.

A few lucky local representatives from GovHack finalists teams may also receive flights and accommodation to the GovHack Red Carpet Awards.