Spirit of GovHack winners

The Spirit of GovHack is the link between producing awesome and being awesome; making things and making things happen; developing something of value, whilst valuing most the people with whom you have developed it.

These people make GovHack, GovHack. It is as simple as that!

2017 Winners

  • Canberra: Alastair and Denise Paton were, for the second year, the right-hand (wo)man for the GovHack Canberra event. They looked after all food and ground crew logistics (including coordination of ordering food, collecting food), produced a detailed documentation about the event (such as the venue map, pinpointing the location of everything…right down to individual garbage bins), and ensured that the crew are well looked after. Last year they even did this with only 3 days notice before the event! This year, having 3 months of notice, they went through the feedback from last year’s event question-by-question and provided the Territory Director with a thorough rundown of what could be improved for this year – and then implemented those improvements. The GovHack Canberra event simply would not run without their invaluable assistance.
  • Far West: Rhys Lawson, a first time competitor, arrived early, helped set up, participated the whole weekend, and was generous in supporting, helping and encouraging others.
  • Paramatta: Asim Farhat pulled together a wide range of people on the Friday night to share ideas and help find areas of shared interest. Through this process the team was able to quickly establish the project areas they would work on together and some people chose to leave due to their interests not aligning. This was handled in a very positive and enthusiastic way by Asim, showing due respect to everyone and their ideas.
  • Sydney: Simon Luk displayed good leadership skills in his group, was active on Slack, made an effort to seek out mentors onsite and chat to them, and assisted his team mates and other team members
  • Alice Springs: Wendy Taleo was an enthusiastic and supportive participant from the beginning and was quick to discern what GovHack was all about.  She assisted other teams in a friendly, host-like manner an is keen to look to the future and help bring different people and organisations together.  This also inspired lots of local participants to think about the value and potential of open data – and how we can best grow an event like GovHack in Alice Springs.
  • Darwin: Jay Tuckey supported other teams to find hidden API endpoints, and was the catalyst for his whole team including our most remote participants working from Nhulunbuy, Arnhem Land.
  • Darwin Youth: Jane Alia jumped straight into things and was an all round great team member. She showed leadership when needed and supported everyone else to contribute.
  • Brisbane: Andrew Saul has been a competitor with GovHack since it started in Brisbane. Andrew has the right attitude, is always positive and energetic, and will always give advice and help to new competitors.
  • Brisbane Youth: Shradha Dhavali, a year-8 student, was a first time competitor this year. Over the weekend, Shradha’s excitement for GovHack grew and she is now planning how she wants to come back and bring more friends next year. Starting the weekend Shradha said she really wasn’t a hacker, but she finished the weekend showing perfect Spirit of GovHack attitudes.
  • Gold Coast: Edin Mujagic was at his first GovHack, and asked lots of valuable questions of our mentors. Edin joined a team of people that didn’t know each other. A mother and son arrived midday Saturday looking for a team and Edin proactively offered for them to join their team. At that stage the other teams were formed and the new arrivals were very thankful of Edin’s welcoming attitude and the two fitted into the group immediately.
  • Ipswich: Alex Barnett was participating in his second GovHack. Alex epitomised the Spirit of Gov Hack, stepping in and providing tech support for whoever needed it, and leading every conversation with “How Can I Help”. His energy always lifted the space even in the middle of the night and during crunch time at the end.
  • Logan: Harsh Pandya showed tenacity, commitment and enthusiasm throughout the competition. He held his team together despite dwindling numbers and he tackled all the challenges thrown at his team with a positive attitude.
  • Rockhampton: Trent Jones worked with a number of teams at different times to assist them in developing the technical aspects of their solution, including taking time out on the first evening to assist a team in understanding what was technically feasible. He put forward a case to the Bureau of Meteorology to release additional data, which was made available on the Saturday. He was always enthusiastic about the challenge. He resolved technical challenges on his own team and was in attendance for the bulk of the event, including up to closing time on both evenings.
  • Sunshine Coast: Matthew Harriswas in his second year of GovHack as a youth Competitor. From the moment he walked in the door his enthusiasm for GovHack was at 110%! He was full of life and ideas and keen to learn. He travelled all the way from Hervey Bay and attending GovHack was his one birthday gift request for his 13th Birthday that he celebrated the following day.
  • Toowoomba: Roxane Blackley has participated in three GovHacks and this time she has took part solo after being unable to attend Friday night due to work pressures. Roxane came Saturday and upon seeing the 3D printer we had on site decided to take things to the next level and stretch her skills, enter the hackathon and print her project. 3D printing is something she’d never done before. The other participants supported this decision as they had whole teams to help and Roxane worked hard on her own, as a late comer.
  • Adelaide: Libby Vojin participated on a team of 8 people. Most of them were doing a hackathon for the first time. They were super committed hackers, working after hours outside the venue to complete their project. The entire team sticked together even though they were working for the first time together. They showed respect to all the mentors and were willing to discuss their idea openly and get feedback. They were respectful to the volunteers and facilities.
  • Mount Gambier: Braydon Eberhard, 16 years old, was part of a team of four. Over the weekend he displayed the true spirit of GovHack through his consideration and generosity towards other competitors. He appreciated all the efforts of the volunteers and mentors. In particular Braydon unselfishly offered to assist another team and spent several hours showing them how to use Photoshop. This hightened their skillset and empowered them to be able to create their logo in Photoshop.
  • Playford: Yar Deng, a Year 10 student, was brave enough to come to GovHack by herself with no real knowledge of what to expect. Not only did she love GovHack and stay for the entire competition, but she worked hard to support her team mates, and played games with the hosts and volunteers. She was a quiet achiever.
  • Hobart: Peter Wallhead had never competed in a GovHack before. This year he stepped up and encouraged others to form a team. He collaborated well and formed a good team of like minded people with complimentatory skill sets. Exactly the type of thing we want to see in a hackathon.
  • Launceston: Dan Wild competed in GovHack for the first time last year as an individual but this year he chose to work with a large team of univesrity students and mentor and support them throughout the weekend. Dan works at CSIRO and has deep experience with data visualisation. He shared those skills with his own team, was very generous with taking the time to mentor students rather than just building things himself, and also spent a lot of time mentoring other teams that were working on data visualisation projects. Dan helped teams overcome countless setbacks which could have tangled them up for hours, by taking the time to spend 15 minutes with any team that needed it, whenever they needed it. A lot of the projects coming out of Launceston this year were better because of Dan’s help along the way.
  • Ballarat: Travis Charlton was involved with his first GovHack and was an integral member of the event team. Across the weekend Travis was always been ready to help competitors, made sure everyone was aware of the key submission times, tweeted, cleaned, set up and everything else imaginable. Thanks Travis for being such a great team member of GovHack Ballarat 2017!
  • Brimbank: Karolina Tilli came in with no team just to see what it was all about. Being a small event with limited options for joining other teams with similar interests, Karolina committed to coming back and formed a ‘one woman’ team for a deliverable of a non technical project. For someone who just wanted to be a passive competitor and was not in it for the prizes but felt compelled to contribute, Karolina took the bull by the horns and really thought through a great concept. She took up all assistance offered, made the most of resources available and connected in with the other teams to offer her own skillsets to those other groups and to learn from them.
  • Casey: Clint Allsop was the first to come and last to leave every day and showed great eagerness throughout GovHack Casey. At every meal he was consistently upbeat and engaged with all volunteers and participants to share his positive energy. Being his first time Clint showed the true spirit of GovHack by helping his team and being a great presence throughout the venue.
  • Latrobe Valley: Christopher Francis came in from the first moment on Friday night ready to go, and was nominated for this Award by the Host and two main mentors. He was keen to form a team quickly and get into it and had some great ideas. He was straight into the datasets and took a natural lead role with the team. A very accomplished coder, Christopher was also very keen to help out his fellow team members with design, colours, look & feel, ‘pitch’, and other parts of their project. He was always willing to offer feedback and assistance and worked extremely well with the mentors as well. Christopher also took a lead in ensuring that the team was meeting its deadlines and made the most of the resources available, ensuring he was present all weekend during opening hours, and also continuing his work at home. Christopher was a fantastic example of the sort of passion, innovation and skills that GovHack promotes and in a small team, was an integral cog. A fantastic spirited GovHack Latrobe Valley champion!
  • Melbourne: Rachel Bucknall went out of her way to find a team that had requested creative help. She showed true GovHack spirit by spending a good half-hour or so helping to work through the creative aspect of this team’s project.
  • Wyndham: Rachelle Salvadora was a coach from Code for Australia. She demonstrated technical expertise and relentlessly assisted people with her skills. This was her first Govhack and she was so impressed with the participants and ideas she volunteered to stay and help for the entire weekend.
  • Albany: Emilian Roman was recommended by a local TAFE lecturer to provide the organising committee with support and technical expertise. He really came into his own and showed how expansive his skills and knowledge were and was an amazing member of the Albany team. He willingly assisted other competitors throughout the competition and was fantastic at ensuring the systems pulled together for the weekend ran smoothly. He provided clear documentation of the tech side to our sponsoring contractors and designed a stunning Livestream Frame to promote our local sponsors. He was our quiet achiever.
  • Perth: James Gardner is a GovHack veteran who encompassed the spirit this year by helping out multiple teams while simutaniously working on his own GovHack Project.