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GovHack 2015 Red Carpet AwardsMore than just promoting open data, GovHack is about the people. This hackathon would be nowhere without the contributions of our sponsors, the assistance from our mentors, and the dedication of our volunteer teams. GovHack is 100% run by the community for the community and we sincerely thank everyone involved for helping make the 9th annual GovHack possible.

We encourage you to get involved in GovHack as a sponsor, mentor or event volunteer. You don’t need to have done GovHack before, you just need to have a keen interest in promoting a better world through the use of open data.

Social Media

Look us up, find us in our social media haunts: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr. Follow your state’s Twitter to receive relevant local updates!

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GovHack sponsorship aligns your organisation with a respected community event which has established strong ties with developer communities, industry and all levels of Government.

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Why Volunteer Because it is fun! By volunteering at a GovHack event you support a civic society and digital entrepreneur ecosystem and help run a super fun event in your community. Volunteers are in the thick of things. GovHack attracts cool, talented people and open minded industry and government partners.  Over 46 hours you will witness and … Continue reading Volunteering

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GovHack 2018 will be supported by an awesome group of mentors and coaches who volunteer to provide assistance to teams with their areas of expertise. Mentors are data, technology or idea experts that come from sponsoring government agencies, while coaches are data, technology or idea experts who are not associated with government but are keen … Continue reading Mentoring

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