GovHack 2018 will be supported by an awesome group of mentors and coaches who volunteer to provide assistance to teams with their areas of expertise. Mentors are data, technology or idea experts that come from sponsoring government agencies, while coaches are data, technology or idea experts who are not associated with government but are keen to contribute to GovHack.

Mentors and coaches are expected to be available for the duration of the hackathon to ensure consistency and provide the participants the best possible opportunity for learning and growth. Mentors and coaches are not strictly assigned to dedicated teams; rather all are free to communicate among themselves as questions or observations of interest occur. Participants will contact mentors or coaches they believe will be able to address their questions. Though responding to questions from the participants is not a 24/7 responsibility, mentors and coaches are expected to check the communication channels regularly and get back to participants in a reasonable time frame.

Mentor Roles

Mentors are data, technology or idea experts that come from sponsoring government agencies or sponsors providing technology platforms at GovHack.

Data Mentors

Data Mentors are usually data analysts or data curators who work with data schema and industry data exchange standards, and are specialized in domains such as statistical or scientific data, metadata, standards and classification. Data Mentors provide support for the data used at GovHack.

Technical Mentors

Technical Mentors provide expert advice on how to access and work with the data used at GovHack. This includes API and web service support for Agency systems, specialist support for specific technologies being donated or provided for the event, or technical expertise in presenting, transforming and disseminating data in appropriate manner.

Policy Mentors

Policy Mentors provide guidance to GovHack participants on matters related to government policy and services.

Coaching Roles

Coaches are experienced and passionate community members who provide expert advice to teams competing at GovHack

Technical / Development Coaches

Technical / Development Coaches are experienced technologists who can assist in building prototypes and are available to answer questions or make suggestions related to coding, web/mobile app development, usage of APIs or existing open source systems and tools like Python, Java, C#, R, SQL, Unix, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

Data Science Coaches

Data Science Coaches help get value out of data and are available to answer questions related to data exploration, hypothesis testing, model building and machine learning using tools like R, Python, MATLAB or SQL.

Design Coaches

Design Coaches usually have a strong background in design and are available to answer questions on designing user experience, paper mockups, wireframes, rapid prototyping and graphics.

Strategy Coaches

Strategy Coaches are experts in market strategy, product development or effective presentation techniques and assist teams in formulating ideas and in presenting how and why their hacks may improve government policy or services.