Submitting your entry

Submitting your entry

Hackerspace (opens on the Friday of the competition at 7pm) is the Official GovHack competition submission site and allows you to submit all components required for your team’s GovHack entry.

Note: submission elements and times are system controlled so no extensions are available! Teams are required to submit the following as part of their competition entry on Hackerspace:

  • Register all Team members in Hackerspace

All team members must be registered as a user with their email. This ensures you get an invite to awards nights and so you can receive any awards you may win.

  • A descriptive project page must be created for each project
    • Team members and Team Captain
    • Project Description
    • An image that best captures your concept e.g a logo or image.
    • Nominate Award Categories – nominate for multiple awards and from all levels of competition that you can view including International, National, Regional and Local awards. Check you fulfill any special Award category eligibility criteria such as a specific datasets.
    • Nominate for Team awards available this year
  • Record data used – For each significant dataset you use record the URL and explain how this data was used in your entry. For each award category you nominate make sure you check for any specific data reuse eligibility requirements and record the data. This field will be used to validate the eligibility of your entry.
  • Evidence Repository URL (Mandatory) This is your proof of concept. You must provide evidence of your work over the weekend any code, graphics,plans, drawings, data analysis and cleansing, mashups, applications, website URLs, models, photos of each stage to create your artistic representations. Submit a link to a digital repository such as a Google Drive or Dropbox shared folder (public) or a Git repository such as public GitHub or public BitBucket
  •  A maximum 3 minute Video entry (Mandatory), must submit actual Video URL not link to another website.  This a video pitch of your entry that tells a story of how you have reused data. The video should demonstrate your hack concept, the benefits or value the concept could achieve and where possible introduce your team. The most common method is to use a screencast, with a voice-over narration.
    • Note: Judges will stop watching videos after 3 minutes
  • Demo URL (Optional) If judges are able to see and play with it that is useful, but this is a minor component of the judging.

Timeframes to register and submit:

  • 7pm Friday Local time – Hackerspace opens and prize categories are announced for your region
  • 12pm Saturday Local time – all competitors must register as a user on Hackerspace.
  • 5pm Saturday Local time – A Team Project Page and your prize category nomination must be completed in Hackerspace. Record all your team members on your project page and the URL to your evidence repository (proof of concept). No new projects pages can be created after this time. You are still able to edit your project page after this time.
  • 3pm Sunday – finalise your project page including the URL of datasets and how you have used the data.
  • 4pm Sunday Local time – Your video should be finalised and a URL linking to your video created to load on your Project page. It may take some time for your video to load once you have started the process but get the URL entered on your page.
  • 5pm Sunday local time – You MUST have all parts of your competition entry submitted by 5:00pm Local time.
    • A descriptive project page
    • Award categories nominated
    • Data used – URLs
    • Evidence Repository URL
    • Video URL
    • Demo URL (Optional)